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Havana Car Rental

Havana Car Rental

A blow was dealt to Havana Car Rental this week. After months of waiting for the new REX vehicles to be added to availability, this week those looking at car hire florida for the summer months were advised that no vehicles had been allocated to REX for the summer. This means that unless bookings for Havana Car Rental are made directly on the REX Cuba website then, basically, all agents will be unable to confirm. This has been a big blow for Havana Car Rental affiliates and agents who were hoping that the increased tourism numbers to Cuba over the first months of the year due to the Pope´s visit to Cuba would continue for the rest of the year.

However, pushing Rex to one side, CubaCar confirms that they can still confirm Havana Car Rental right up to August 31st but, the numbers of available vehicles are running our fast. Havanautos, the capitals namesake for Havana Car Rental, confirm the availability of new 7 and 9 passenger Vans and Minivans in Cuba & Havana, Varadero, Santiago de Cuba, Holguin and Cayo Coco. We can also confirm the arrival of a new fleet of Peugeot 208 vehicles from Via at their Havana Car Rental offices. These new vehicles come in both Automatic and Stick shift (manual) variants. TIP: Visit the VIA booking site and book a 206 and you will get a 208!

Therefore, the low down for bookings for Havana Car Rental from CubaCAR, REX, Havanautos and Via is that REX Car Rental has very limited availability for July and August so, if your are looking for an Audi A4 or Audi A6 in Cuba or, a BMW 5 Series in Cuba we recommend booking quickly for these extreme high seasons months at the REX website.


“Havana Car Rental dealt a blow for summer”


Some new pick up offices or revamped older pickup offices for Havana Car Rental are:

Havana Car RentalHavana Car Rental

CUBACAR | Havanautos | Havana Car Rental offices

Havana Jose Marti T2 | Refurbished office

Hotel Plaza | Zulueta Esq. Neptuno

Hotel Inglaterra | Prado Esq. Neptuno

Hotel Sevilla | Trocadero Prado y Zulueta

Hotel Deauville | Galeano e/ Malecón y San Laz.

Hotel Ambos Mundos | Obispo Esq. Mercaderes

Marina y San Lázaro | C/ San Lazaro Esq. Marina

Hotel Caribbean | C/ Prado. Esq. Colón

Hotel Lido | C/ Consulado 216 e/ Animas y Trocadero H. Vieja

Hotel Lincoln | C/ Galeano Esq. Virtudes

Palacio de la Artesanía | Cuba y Peña Pobre.

Hotel Parque Central | C/Neptuno e/ Prado y Zulueta

Terminal Crucero | San Pedro # 1 Av. Puerto

Havana Car Rental

REX – Havana Car Rental offices

REX HAVANA | Boyeros

REX HAVANA International Airport José Martí, Term.3

REX HAVANA | International Airport José Martí, Term.2

REX HAVANA | Siboney. Main Office

REX HAVANA | Copa, Miramar

REX HAVANA | Malecón. Commercial Office

REX HAVANA | Hotel Saratoga

REX HAVANA | Cruise Terminal

Havana Car Rental

Havana Car Rental offices – VIA

Via Car Rental | Havana Airport Terminal III Ave. Van Troy e/ Final y Carretera Aeropuerto, Boyeros, Ciudad Habana.

Via Car Rental | Havana Airport Terminal III-A Ave. Van Troy e/ Final y Carretera Aeropuerto, Boyeros, Ciudad Habana.

Via Car Rental | Havana Airport Terminal II Ave. Van Troy y Final, Boyeros, Ciudad Habana.

Old Havana

Via Car Rental | Hotel Saratoga Paseo del Prado No. 603 esquina a Dragones, La Habana Vieja, Ciudad Habana.

Via Car Rental | Hotel Sevilla Calle Prado e/ Trocadero y Animas, Habana Vieja, Ciudad Habana.

Via Car Rental | Centro de negocios AUSA Desamparados No. 166 entre Habana y Compostela, Habana Vieja.


Via Car Rental | Hotel Tryp Habana Libre Calle L e/ 23 y 25, Vedado, Plaza de la Revolución, Ciudad Habana.

East of Havana

Via Car Rental | Aparthotel Las Terrazas Ave. las Terrazas e/ 10 y Rotonda, Santa María del Mar, Hab. del Este, Ciudad Habana.


Via Car Rental | Punto 47 Calle 47 e/ 36 y 41, Kohly, Playa, Ciudad Habana.

Via Car Rental | Hotel Kohly Ave. 49 Esq. 36 A, Kohly, Playa, Ciudad Habana.

Via Car Rental | Hotel El Bosque Ave. 49-C Esq. 28, Kohly, Playa, Ciudad Habana.


Via Car Rental | Hotel Occidental Miramar 5ta Ave. e/ 70 y 72, Miramar, Playa, Ciudad Habana.

Via Car Rental | Hotel Oasis Panorama Ave. 1ra Esq. 70, Miramar, Playa, Ciudad Habana.

Via Car Rental | Barceló Habana Ciudad Calle 5ta A y 78, Playa, Ciudad Habana NEW

Havana Province Agency

Via Car Rental | Santa Cruz Carretera a Jaruco Km 2, Jardines de Hershy, Santa Cruz del Norte, Provincia La Habana.

Via Car Rental | Servicupet Artemisa Calle 53 e/ 56 y 58, Artemisa


Some deals have been offered until July 31st and at least 3 regulars to this website have received discounts of 10% over the past weeks after booking Havana Car Rental.


Official Havana Car Rental




Cuba Car Rental Reviews

Latest Cuba car rental reviews

Cuba car rental reviews

Since our 2011 Cuba car rental reviews we thought we´d update the information based upon the arrival of some new vehicles in Cuba in January and also the upcoming Easter Car Rental Season in Cuba.

Cuba car rental reviews

Up first comes Havanautos for the Cuba car rental reviews. Havanautos has become rather competitive these past few months as they are offering a 10% discount across the board on all models (besides 9 seat Vans) until 31st March. The way to get the discount is to either contact their agents via online chat or, make a booking but DO NOT PAY and then wait for an agent to contact you. You’ll get the discount… For more information Visit the official booking site of Havanautos


Cuba car rental reviews

We´ll move to VIA rent a car, since our last Cuba car rental reviews several people have complained about VIA car rentals. After verifying their complaints and of course with VIA, it appears that the problems did not stem from VIA but from several Canadian resellers of VIA´s services. One “real” complaint was due to one of VIA´s vehicles collected at the Jose Marti Airport in Havana which, upon collection, had a myriad of technical problems (thanks Mr & Mrs Wright from Ontario). You may wish to try VIA for 4 x 4 rentals in Cuba they still offer the Suzuki Vitara models but only on their website here.

Cuba Car Rental Reviews

REX Car Rental came off best in our Cuba car rental reviews over the past 3 months, many visitors having chosen the excellent Hyundai Santa Fe which with its 7 seats is by far the most economical vehicle in Cuba for large families. Many of you wrote saying that the you´d received an Emgrand Chinese car instead of the Audi A4 booked. We checked with REX in Havana and, they advised, the emgrand vehicles are only provided to travel agents and, when a A4 is booked on their website, you will get the Audi A4. This rule also applies to the Audi A6 which, if booked direct, will not be substituted by the Chinese junk some of you have complained about. Make sure you book direct at the REX booking Website


“Cuba car rental reviews, complaints about VIA Car Services”

Cuba car rental reviews

Cuba CAR seems to be going through a bad patch with these Chinese cars that were rolled out for the agencies to sell. Almost all foreign agencies based in Cuba have been given these Geely vehicles to offload… Those of you who ended up receiving one of these cars gave mixed Cuba car rental reviews of these new Chinese models. Most complained about the shoddy build quality while others say they had paid for Peugeot vehicles but were given the Chinese car. CubaCAR only provides these Chinese models to agents so again, when you Book direct with CUBACAR or visit one of their offices directly, you will not be obliged to take one of these (inferior) vehicles.


Some of you who responded to these Cuba car rental reviews said that you were confused by the issues of government ownership and, how all these companies (on paper) are exactly the same. This is true as Transtur is now the sole company using and operating all these “trademarks from the past”. This can be seen clearly when booking as, all the platforms appear identical or very similar. We are told that Transtur will soon launch a website which, for the first time, will be the exclusive use of its “direct” brand since 1998. Until then the above websites provide fast confirmations we found.


Our next Cuba car rental reviews will be in May so please keep sending us information and experiences between now and then.



Jackie Turnbull – Edmonton, CA




Cuba car rental reviews 2012

Pope visit to Cuba Booking problems

Pope visit to Cuba

Pope Visit to Cuba

On the phone yesterday with our hotel supplier in Cuba who just told us that our room for March 16th has been cancelled! They also told us that due to Pope Visit to Cuba they could not supply our rental car. We won´t name the agency but, let’s just say its run by Canadians and not Cubans…


This morning we contacted Havanautos to first try and resolve the car. We called their number in Miami and managed to speak to Natasha. She explained that in effect the Pope visit to Cuba was affecting larger types of transport like buses but not cars!! So, we now have our car confirmed by Havanautos for exactly the same dates 13th to 22nd March. No issues…


We then asked Natasha if she knew of a way of also booking the Hotel and she said that this could be done right on the same website or via Cuba Hotel Reservation which is part of the same group. We rebooked the Parque Central Hotel which our Canadian “friends” had cancelled yesterday!



“All Hype Pope visit to Cuba”



So, the moral of our story is, don´t believe the hype concerning the Pope visit to Cuba. It’s almost certainly untrue that the Pope visit to Cuba had affected our bookings in the way the other agency explained to us.


Is anyone else having these problems renting a car in Cuba during the Pope visit to Cuba ?


Pope visit to Cuba

Pedro + Belinda, Tampa




Pope visit to Cuba

Car Hire in Cuba – SUV 4 x 4

Car Hire in Cuba

Car Hire in Cuba

Hyundai Santa Fe - REX CUBA


A brand new model is on the scene for Car Hire in Cuba and, for those who´ve missed the SUV car rental in Cuba since VIA stopped renting Suzuki Vitara´s there´s the new 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe SUV available from REX CUBA


Performance – 4 out of 5 stars


The Santa Fe’s 2.2-litre engine has 194bhp, which is a lot more than most rivals and one of the best cross country vehicles Car Hire in Cuba. It’s got a massive 311lb ft of torque, too, (322lb ft for automatic versions), so it’s certainly brisk. Progress is pretty effortless and all that muscle means relaxed arriving, our trip from Havana to Pinar del Rio then onto Holguin was excellent and, the SUV suspension soaked up Cuba´s worst roads. When choosing to rent this car from REX CUBA you can choose a six-speed manual or automatic gearbox


“This SUV was the best option for Car Hire in Cuba”


Ride & Handling – 3 out of 5 stars


The Santa Fe isn’t as lively as some rivals, but that’s partly because it’s larger we had some Cuban friends in Holguin hop in and, the ample 7 seats managed to accommodate 8 people, one being a child of course. It handles and grips well enough, though, and feels impressively assured on Cuban backroads roads. It demands little effort around town, too, and although the ride can thud over sharper bumps, it’s generally comfortable.


Refinement – 4 out of 5 stars


One of the Santa Fe’s best points is its impressive refinement which we appreciated while driving directly back from Cayo Coco at night, the headlights were very powerful and the overall noise level very low. The diesel engine is smooth and quiet, even on the rare occasions that you need to work it hard. You can hear the suspension working over sharp bumps, but there’s little road and wind noise at speed, so it’s a fine motorway cruiser.


Overall we were not expecting Car Hire in Cuba to garner such a nice model and this 4 x 4 vehicle suits perfectly a cross country jaunt. Probably a trip from say Havana to Santiago de Cuba would be perfect in this type of vehicle and especially if you’re a large family or up to 7 adults.


For bookings we did it online at REX CUBA


SUV Car Hire in Cuba

Rex Car Rental Cuba set to raise rates

Rex Car Rental Cuba

REX Car Rental Cuba

Sources in Cuba say that Rex Car Rental Cuba will raise rates imminently by as much as 19% for 2012. Sources close to the company state that Rex Car Rental Cuba will raise rates because of “increases in fuel costs which are subsidized by the Cuban Government”


Of course we are unsure what that means as fuel is already at extortionate rates at Cuban pumps, in some places 1.40 CUC ($1.40) a liter. This being yikes!!! $5.60 gallon!!



“19% increase at Rex Car Rental Cuba?”



Based on the fact that Cuba gets 100000 FREE!! barrels from Venezuela per day  then it sounds more like yet another squeeze on visiting tourists and Cuban Americans who typically rent cars from Rex Car Rental Cuba and, as we all know, are visiting the island in record numbers.


Rates remain still unchanged on the website of Rex Car Rental Cuba but, if sources are correct, could rise soon. We recommend booking now if you intend to rent a car at some point this year in Cuba as you´ll almost certainly get a better rate. Our sources are rarely wrong (-:


Fingers crossed that Havanautos or CubaCAR don´t follow suit…


Hope this helps and if anyone has an update on this situation feel free to post here


Rex Car Rental Cuba


Renting a car in Cuba with asian flair

renting a car in cuba

Renting a car in Cuba

For those renting a car in Cuba this winter season, Cuba has rolled out its new line of Geely vehicles for the rental fleets. Geely is a Chinese manufacturer already very popular in the homeland and know for making affordable but reliable vehicles. A couple renting a car in Cuba had the opportunity to drive the new Geely CK which has replaced part of the fleet of Hyundai Accent vehicles. They rented through Havanautos. This is their impression:

When picked up this Chinese made car, it wasn’t met with open arms. We knew we´d be renting a car in Cuba but had no idea it would be of chinese origin. Consistent with reports on the web and even on YouTube it shows clearly how poorly their cars performed in crash tests. We are thankful we saw all this after returning from Cuba…Plus, the endless criticisms they faced for copying designs although we couldn´t fathom who´s design it had been and I am quite a car guy. But, after driving it around Cuba it wasn´t bad to be in a car like the Geely CK. The “CK” stands for “Freedom Ship” and it makes no effort to pretend that it has the quality to rival Toyota or any other Japanese manufacturer. At first glance, when we saw it at the Jose Marti Airport in Havana, it certainly gave the impression that it is a lot better built than other mainstream cars from middle country. It isn’t particularly good-looking but at least the gaps in the shut-lines are comparatively more consistent.


“Renting a car in Cuba with Havanautos was great”


Open the doors and suddenly the rental price, which is the same as the Hyundai Accent we rented in Havana last spring, is a little difficult to justify. Seats… The fabric are quite course and a little hard and, there aren’t even cup holders. The bits and buttons inside have noticeable free-play as well. Overall, it is very spartan but practical. But, as I have found out since returning from Cuba, at least it has a Toyota engine inside producing 94 hp at 6,000 rpm – sufficient to set the car in motion and was pretty quiet along Cuba´s “ocho via”. Try to accelerate at any rate though and its performance is negligible. Its rear seats are thick foam cushions, just tucked in nicely – not secured. In fact, you could probably replace them with your beach inflatable if you wished. It wouldn’t be difficult. I sat like an overgrown communist at a kotatsu table in a dwarf’s hut. The seat was too high, my knee constantly knocked against the steering column every time I braked and if I sat up straight the ceiling would obstruct my glances at overhead bridges. Well, the suspension flows along nicely with speed humps and its occupants barely feel the bump and in Pinar del Rio and Santiago de Cuba we saw some “crater like” holes resembling Baghdad…If you are renting a car in Cuba then you should be aware that the roads are sometimes pretty bad.

Overall through, if you are renting a car in Cuba it is more than likely you´ll be getting one of these Geely CK models although while on our travels we also saw one called the Geely MK and then a larger one called the Emgrand.

It was easy renting a car in Cuba and we used the Havanautos official website to book, the price p/day was 42 CAD after conversion from Euros so, not bad at all. After paying online and providing our license copy in advance we were sent a voucher. We printed this and took it to Cuba. Once we arrived at the Havanautos office at the Havana airport and showed our voucher we were pretty much all set. The formalities of completing the contract were made easier apparently due to us having sent our license in advance. They´d prefilled almost everything which we found pretty slick.

We highly recommend booking with the Havanautos website and the service was excellent. We just hope they bring back the Hyundai Accents for our next trip. Well…I guess the Geely CK wasn’t that bad.


Renting a car in Cuba

Morgan and Patty Whitehouse, Oakville Ontario

Renting a car in Cuba Reviews





Cuba Rent a Car Discounts

Cuba Rent A Car organized yet?

Cuba Rent A Car

As the Holiday season approaches and thanksgiving is almost upon us and our Canadian friends get ready for their own long weekend just before Christmas for the Remembrance Day weekend organizing our Cuba Rent a Car is a must. Some Cuba Rent A Car offers have come in from both CubaCAR and REX that can only be described as “crisis beaters”

CubaCAR has introduced Cuba Rent A Car reductions of 15% for vehicles booked online for both the weekends of November 11th thru 14th with any additional days being discounted by 10%. See the CubaCAR offer here

REXCUBA has introduced a similar Cuba Rent A Car discount covering November 24th thru 28th of 10%. Again, any supplementary days on the same contract are applied the same discount but, the intent is obviously to cover thanksgiving. See the REX Car rental offer here.


“Tip: Book your Cuba Rent a Car before Nov 15th”


Transtur has also waved drop off fees for Cuba Rent A Car bookings in December which is the only reduction available for now for this month. Therefore if it was your plan to drop your Cuba Rent A Car off in a different province in December, now could be a good time to book.

Similar Cuba Rent A Car discounts are expected for the December Holidays and New Years so stay tuned..


Cuba Rent a Car Discounts


Car Hire in Cuba from UK

Car Hire in Cuba and more…

Car Hire in Cuba


As the UK market has increased and British visitors to Cuba now rank as the second largest group of travelers to the Caribbean nation, so too has the requests for Car Hire in Cuba from the United Kingdom. While most UK visitors to Cuba still stay at all inclusive resorts in Varadero, Holguin and Cayo Coco, the Playa Pesquero Hotel being a big UK favorite, a growing group of visitors from the UK are “going it alone”. Recognising this, the Cuban Tourism Board or more commonly known as Mintur has rolled our several special programs and booking platforms for Car Hire in Cuba from the UK.


Cuba Airport Car Hire


The website Car Hire in Cuba was specially set up for UK travelers to the island and offers payments in Euros or Pounds plus the full assortment of Car Models available in Cuba. Bookings are online and secure servers take care of the problems associated with online bookings. Probably the best aspect of organising the Car Hire in Cuba in advance is the security one has of receiving a vehicle upon arrival, something which can be very problematic, especially in High Season


Car Hire in Cuba + Hotel Package


Designed specifically for the UK market, the Cuba Flexi Drive offers an impressive selection of cars to cater for singles traveling alone right up to families of up to 9 people. Basically, anything from the smallest economic car in Cuba right up to the largest air-conditioned Rental Van in Cuba can be associated with the Flexi Drive program. But what is the Cuba Flexi Drive program? Well, to put it in a nutshell it’s a night of hotel associated with your car rental day. The beauty of the program is that you have a list of over 40 hotels covering the length and breadth of Cuba allowing you to travel at your own pace and sleep over at any one of these hotels. Yes, you simply present one of your vouchers for the night’s stay! So, let’s say your total flexi package is 14 nights, you´ll have 14 vouchers from hotels and 14 days of car rental, all in one package. The cool part is that your car hire in Cuba is linked to the package making it about 40% cheaper than the car by itself (outside the Flexi program). Therefore, in some cases your car hire in Cuba and hotel works out cheaper than the taking the car by itself,…free accommodation basically.


The hotel list is extremely extensive and covers every corner, center and costal area in Cuba. To see this extensive Cuba Hotel list click here and scroll down then click the area “VIEW ACCOMMODATION FACILITIES” quite an impressive list!


Although the website design leads one to believe that these packages are for 7 or 14 days, upon closer inspection, when you click 7 days you can actually add more days up to 13 days and then when clicking 14 days you can add up to 21 days. Not the best design we found but, it works intuitively.


One other incredibly cheap option is that not only does it include your car hire in Cuba along with each night of hotel stay but, you can also add extra rooms. Therefore, two, three or four couples could make the journey using larger capacity vehicles to coincide with the amount and all that needs to be added is an extra room which works out at being less than 45 per night for a double room! Pretty incredible really.


“We booked our car hire in Cuba in advance from the UK”


We arrived in Havana and traveled west towards Pinar del Rio, stayed one night at the Hotel Ermita then swung back east and across the island down to Cienfuegos where we stayed at the Hotel Union. We stayed in Cienfuegos 2 nights as my wife was attacked by mosquitoes on the first night and did not feel like traveling the next day. We then drove to Holguin and spent two nights at the Hotel Mirador de Mayabe (view to die for) near a great beach. We then drove down to Santiago de Cuba and had a wonderful stay at the Hotel Balcon del Caribe . Now, don´t get me wrong, none of these hotels are top notch 5 star places but, for 25 per night, who’s complaining? Plus, after driving, all we wanted was to crash out anyway, the next day we were out walking around, so we spent very little time (besides sleeping) at the hotels. We drove all the way to Havana in one day and spent our last two nights at the Hotel Megano in Playas del Este (Havana´s beach district) and conveniently dropped the car at the airport to get our return flight with Virgin Atlantic from Havana to London Gatwick. As I said, we went with another couple and therefore the petrol costs were split between us and we shared the cost of the car hire in cuba after we simply deducted their room cost from the package price we ended up with the cost of the car which we then split. The whole trip cost each couple just £620 which, I found, incredible for all we got, highly recommended. Add that to the Virgin Atlantic flight to Havana and our discovery of almost all Cuba was a measly £1565 for us both. Of course our friends paid the same.


So whether your looking for just Car Hire in Cuba from the UK or a full flexi drive package in Cuba from the UK then check out the links, you WILL NOT be unhappy.

car hire in cuba

Cheers, Joe + Emily!


Car Hire in Cuba Review


Cuba Car Rental – Getting the best deal

Cuba Car Rental

Cuba Car Rental

How to get the best deal for Cuba Car Rental? We will show you how to get the best offer and also have a secure Cuba Car Rental when you arrive.

Cuba Car Rental can be frustrating and sometimes downright complicated. This is mainly due to the Cuba Car Rental intermediaries littering the internet under different guises. But, let’s look at how you can make life easier for yourself when booking Cuba Car Rental.

Cuba Car Rental – reserving in advance

Time and time again visitors to Cuba think they can show up and simply rent a car upon arrival. Unfortunately, Cuba Car Rental is not as easy as that. First off, you will need the patience of a kinder garden teacher if you are not going to blow a fuse. No offices, we repeat NO OFFICES of any car rental company in Cuba is able to tell you if another office has cars. Yup, you guessed it; there is neither central reservation system nor availability system at retail level. So, your search for a car could entail some scenic taxi rides around the city you hadn´t planned for!

So, why not pre-book your car? Prebooking means you receive a voucher which must simply be shown to the office YOU CHOSE and you get the car. Much easier, eh? However, herein lies the pitfall. Only official websites offering Cuba Car Rental will be able to offer you the all important VOUCHER you need to have to be able to collect your car without fuss. Thankfully, since 2006 Transtur (Cuba´s official rental car holding company) has begun to offer online confirmations and immediate (or almost) vouchers sent conveniently to your email before you arrive in Cuba. When you book with these official websites your car is 100% guaranteed to be waiting for you EVEN IF you are delayed. The official booking websites are:

Cuba Car Rental


Cuba Car Rental


Cuba Car Rental

VIA Rent A Car

Cuba Car Rental


Cuba Car Rental

REX Cuba

*the above links lead you straight to the online booking platform and live support


As all the brand names are controlled by Transtur you will find that both the “look and feel” and, the booking process is almost identical on all the websites.



“Quick Fact – Cuba Car Rental is cheaper booked online than locally”



So what other issues should you watch out for when contemplating Cuba Car Rental? Well, first off, the above companies DO NOT OFFER commission to agents therefore, if you book with another company, agent or website the rates will be higher. There´s a kind of unwritten rule of how these secondary agents make money (from you) when booking your car. We´ll explain a few:


Automatic Car TAX – Some have invented a type of tax which is charged to you when you collect the car and is usually 5 CUC (5$ or 3 Euros) if you booked an automatic car. This money is collected by the desk agent then given to your booking agent. IMPORTANT – this is not charged on official websites.


Drop Off Fees – Yes you guessed it. You book a car through a secondary agent (not direct) with collection in say Havana and drop off in say Varadero. Your confirmation says this but, when you roll up to return the Cuba Car Rental the desk agent quietly tell you that you owe him upwards of 100 CUC because you dropped the car off in another location!! Again, with official bookings this is all covered but, with secondary agents, they pay just the basic option and therefore you are charged…


Representation Fees – It took us a while to fathom this one but we finally managed to uncover what this actually means. Apparently, when a travel agent is located in Cuba but is foreign owned, they must pay to the Cuban Government a type of tax for every client they deal with. This is called a “Representation Fee”. This is usually 30 CUC but, we´ve had reports from some travelers of having been charged 50 or 60. The official amount is 30 however. These secondary agents will offload this charge onto you meaning you will pay at least 30 CUC more for your Cuba Car Rental


Extreme High season and manipulation of official tariffs – Some third party agents will load the price of your daily rental with fictitious high season tariffs. But, let’s not jump to conclusions. It is true that Cuba Car Rental companies have superior rates for high season BUT, these rates will almost certainly not be the extra 40-50% secondary agents are trying to charge you. If in doubt, check the official websites.


Back end price loading – This is by far the most common trick employed by non official agents. We´ll tell you how it works. Say you´re shopping around online and you come across an offer which is much cheaper than the official websites. Seems like a great deal no? WRONG – what is happening is that the car you are reserving has had absolutely no pre-payable supplements included. Therefore, when you arrive you´ll have to pay – Automatic car tax 5 CUC P/Day, Airport pick up tax 20 CUC (one payment), limited miles/km excess 0.30 CUC per KM, drop off fees of 0.50 per KM from where the car was collected to where you leave it (this could be as much as 400 CUC is you collect in Havana and drop off in Santiago!!) So, you´ll note that these initially “attractive” rates quickly turn into an ugly nightmare but, its now too late as you´re in Cuba. Therefore, be careful and wherever possible book with the official websites


A final note: When booking with CubaCAR and REX directly you can request a child seat while booking and this will be free. If you wait until you arrive in Cuba this will work out at 5 CUC per day for rental.

Cuba Car Rental 101


Rent a car in Cuba from Miami

How to Rent a Car in Cuba from Miami?

Rent a car in Cuba from Miami

Rent a car in Cuba from Miami

How to guarantee a Rent a car in Cuba from Miami to collect when I arrive? Confirming your Rent a car in Cuba from Miami requires visiting the official webpages of Havanautos, CubaCAR, VIA or REX, making a reservation and paying for it online with your credit card. You will receive a voucher like this in your email which, upon presentation will locate your prepaid vehicle. After signing the contracts you will be free to go with your car.

Why pre-book a Rent a car in Cuba from Miami?

During high season there can be very few vehicles available in Cuba. In fact, finding a car can mean traveling to various rental offices to check availability. Unlike the U.S each office is not connected to a central system to allow them to check availability in another office. Therefore, it’s more like a crap shoot as to whether you find a car available or not. This can cause serious delays in your plans especially if you need to meet family in another location.

If I use the websites to book my Rent a car in Cuba from Miami is it 100% certain?

Yes. Providing the booking was done on the official websites and you have received the correct voucher then the car is 100% certain. In fact, the car is taken from all inventories and cannot be sold/seen by the local offices. Essentially, when the car is booked and paid online there can be no doubt that the car is available.

Can I pay my Rent a car in Cuba from Miami with my U.S credit card?

Yes. Your card is accepted online through international banks.

What if I don´t Rent a car in Cuba from Miami and simply show up at the airport?

If you enjoy high risks, play poker or have plenty of time and are willing to bribe the rental office (with money) they may be able to call around the other offices and find you a car. If you need more than one car or a specific size then buena suerte!! However, you will certainly have to travel to this office outside the airport in a Taxi incurring extra cost plus, the car will be more expensive than online rates.

Is it cheaper to Rent a car in Cuba from Miami?

Yes. Rates are cheaper online than those provided at rental offices. Also, you will need cash to pay the car if you wait until arrival and your U.S credit card won’t work… This means you will invariably have to stand in line at the CADECA exchange office, pay the exchange rate plus the 3.6% (they charge) and also suffer the 10% penalty imposed by the Cuban Government to convert US Dollars. Therefore, before you even begin to pay the car, you will have lost 14% which is far in excess of any online or Visa or Mastercard rates of exchange from the U.S and online.

Can I book any car when I Rent a car in Cuba from Miami?

Yes. All the current models are shown on the websites and they can be booked, in advance, ready for your arrival. You can also add things like extra drivers or child seats to your online order so as to make the collection process faster.

Can I prepay insurance when I Rent a car in Cuba from Miami?

No. Insurance is always payable upon arrival for any car rental reservation in Cuba. You should factor in this amount when you book your car and, ensure you have this small amount in hand ready.

What are the key benefits when I Rent a car in Cuba from Miami?

  • Immediate express collection upon arrival
  • No waiting in line, collection lines are separate to the standard lines
  • Guaranteed vehicle of the pre-booked category/model
  • Big savings on “walk up” rates
  • Big saving on exchange rates and the Cuban USD 10% penalty
  • Complete Piece of mind
  • Security you and your loved ones will be on your way quickly
  • Immediate resolution of any difficulties
  • Prepaid service with guaranteed vehicle when you arrive


To Rent a car in Cuba from Miami visit one of the official websites of

CubaCAR Car Rental

Havanautos Rent A Car

Via Rent A Car

REX Car Rental

All the websites are the same as Transtur is now the owning company of all the aforementioned brands. This makes booking a similar process throughout.

Overall, booking your Rent a car in Cuba from Miami is a no brainer. It takes minutes to reserve online which can remove hours from your time in Cuba trying to find a car like a needle in a haystack. Furthermore, getting your Rent a car in Cuba from Miami ensures a locked in rate which cannot be changed or increased if/when daily rates rise. The Cuban government has the knack of imposing higher and higher rates or, what they call “extrema alta” rates when they know that few cars are available. This increase can be as much as 30% higher than published rates for the same vehicle! Therefore, prepaying your Rent a car in Cuba from Miami “locks in” your rate as the car is already paid meaning you will not suffer these fluctuations.

Finally, for those traveling with elderly family members, meeting elderly family members, young children or lots of baggage, the risk of NOT booking a Rent a car in Cuba from Miami far outweighs the small amount of time it would take to get piece of mind, book online and know the car is waiting when you arrive.

Have a great trip and hasta luego!!



Rent a car in Cuba from Miami 101

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